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Real Estate News A Guide to Mortgage Assistance During COVID-19 Image Source: Shutterstock   For some homeowners who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high level of concern about paying their mortgage. Fortunately, there are options to aid struggling homeowners from governments, financial institutions, and loan providers. The following information is intended to provide clarity on which financial relief options are […]
Real Estate News SEATTLE POISED FOR FASTER RECOVERY THAN MANY OTHER CITIES It may feel like a tired refrain after nearly two months of quarantine, but it remains true: it’s still too early to truly tell the toll COVID-19 will take on our economy — both locally and nationally — until we are able to fully reopen and jumpstart  area businesses. Thanks to our diversified economy, strong […]
Real Estate News The Best Advice Does Not Mean Perfect Advice The angst caused by the coronavirus has most people on edge regarding both their health and financial situations. It’s at times like these when we want exact information about anything we’re doing – even the correct protocol for grocery shopping. That information brings knowledge, and this gives us a sense of relief and comfort.   […]
Homeowner A Senior’s Guide to Aging in Place Safely For many seniors, finding a way to safely age in place — or stay at home for as long as possible — can be difficult. There may be health or mobility issues involved, or the home may not be a viable living space anymore due to the presence of stairs or because it’s too large. […]
Real Estate News Stay Home, Stay Healthy – The Impact on Real Estate
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