Living Prepare Your Home Before Opening It Up to an Aging Loved One According to the Institute on Aging, the majority of older adults in need of long-term care rely on their family and friends. Moving a loved one into your home is a great way to ensure they’re receiving all the care and support they need, and it cuts the cost of housing. So, make sure your […]
Homeowner 6 HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS TO TACKLE IF YOU’RE STUCK AT HOME PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING Spring has sprung in Seattle — and so has the coronavirus (the cause of the illness called COVID-19). If working from home and practicing social distancing has left you feeling stuck and uninspired, consider rolling up your sleeves and tackling a home improvement project or two. From the simplest updates to sensational additions, these projects […]
Living The Two Of Us Author: Joe Still As we pass through the tunnel of time, we inevitably come to our change moments.  A breakup.  A death. A public embarrassment.  It’s these unexpected incidents that push us to the times when we find ourselves standing egoless at the alter of our own humility.  These are the moments when we step […]
Living The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Contractor Constructing or remodeling a home is a complex, expensive endeavor. Ideally, everything goes as planned, and when the dust clears, the homeowner can settle in and enjoy the new home — and never think about the building process again. But what happens when, nine months after the owner moves in, the floor develops a crack, […]
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